Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2012 Record of Nokie's Medical History Updates

Update: December 26th...
Dear Family, Friends, and Fan Club Family... Many of us have been through a lot this year. We can all be grateful for one thing, to be with each other and thankful for what we have. We are so sorry for the late wishes and late updates. It just seems that we cannot get all our ducks in a row. Don't even know what day it is from time to time. Nokie has improved so much and we are so thankful that the good Lord continues to watch over him.

We would like to thank everyone that has helped us to move forward in paying the accumulated medical bills from Japan. By the end of the year, we believe we should be close to $16,000.00 in our goal of $125,000. Our love and thank you goes out to each and every one of you. Without all your help we would have never gotten this close in paying these huge bills off.

The HitchHiker Guitar business has been moved to CA and is finishing the first run of HH guitars. The second run will start around the first week of January. Nokie has finished his new tremolo arm and all his patents have been made for the bridge and the fabulous new HH (Nokie) Tremolo Arm for the new year. 

The HH guitars look as beautiful as they sound. They are a bright star for the new 2013 year coming. Nokie is so proud to be able to put a part of his love and knowledge in this superb instrument for the fan family and friends. We hope each of you will be able to put one in your hands to try thoughout the new year 2013. They will not be sold in the stores, only on-line and from shows. You will need to visit us at the upcoming show to buy. A new page will be put up for HitchHIker Guitars toward the end of January 2013.

Merry Christmas to you all and to all a Wonderful New Year to come. God Bless Each of You, Nokie & Judy Edwards

P.S. This just in from the North Pole! (click here) I knew it, I just knew it!

Update: December 19th...
Thank you for your donations to the Nokie Hospital and Care program. We are grateful for all the help from our friends and fan family. We have been a little slow with our updates due to Nokie's doctor appointments. We have had to do changes in some of his medications. Some of our medicine here in the US is different or there is a difference in milligrams to the Japan mg. Nokie is doing great now on his med's and exercise programs. Also picking his HitchHiker acoustic guitar up daily. The music fills our home with warmth and smiles from us both. Amazing what music can do for the heart and soul. PLEASE help us by passing on the Nokie Edwards web site address to your Twitter, Facebook and Address books to help him with the fund raiser. There are now more pictures  of our leaving Japan for home previously... Plus our making it home for Thanksgiving dinner and also of ANA Airlines taking excellent care of our trip home coming soon! All our best to you and your family. God Bless, Nokie & Judy

Update: December 12th...
Christmas is getting close. I don't miss the cold in Oregon, but I do miss seeing the snow at Christmas. Right now we hear it is wet and cold there. So we are happy campers being here in Arizona. Much better on our muscles and bones. We want to wish everyone the best for their Christmas holiday. Stay warm and happy. We have so much to be grateful for.

Nokie has seen his GP last week and his heart doctor this week. He is moving forward with his recovery... Which we all know what a strong man he is. Nokie has his pacemaker check on the 14th of this month and his heart ultrasound and echo on the 19th. I am sure he will pass with flying colors.

You will all be happy to know he has picked his guitar up twice this week and is now on a schedule daily playing guitar except when we are away from home. Also, he has been working out riding a stationary bicycle twice a day and getting good exercise. Now if I can figure out how to get him to play the guitar and ride the exercise bicycle at the same time, I may be able to get a video of it. Taping his TV remote control to the handlebar of the bicycle may have had a little something to do with getting him to ride the exercise bike. Ha! Ha! Ha!

I am asking friends and fan family if they would help by sending Nokie Hospital Care links to your email list, Facebook and Twitter to give us a helping hand. We have been turned down by three programs so far for help with Nokie's hospital bills. It seems that no one will help because he was in Japan while his heart attacks took place. I am still pursuing Medicare and the Indians for help. So as you can see at this point we could use some moral support. This is one of the hardest things for me to ask for. I am so used to being on the giving side, not the receiving side.

We would like to thank all the friends and fans that have given us support for the last two months, you all have been a blessing. You can help us greatly by following through with passing on our link around the world. God Bless, Judy

Update: November 22th...
Dear Family, friends & Nokie's Fan Family,
Thank you again for all your donations. Everyday we are getting a little closer to Nokie's fund raising goal. I know we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving around our table, there will be a lot of thanks to the good Lord for being there by our side. We would like to give a personal Thank You to Mr. Tomiyama for raising a large donation for Nokie's hospital bills. We are so happy to be home. Also to have our sisters Linda & Patricia here to help us out when we got home. It will be great to have them for Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving Nokie Fan Family, God Bless each of you, Love... Nokie & Judy

Nokie Fan Club Merchandise Orders
I know some of you have not gotten your orders yet. Linda and I both apologize for this. She had a problem with getting into the account to ship the orders out. We will both be in the office on Friday & Saturday doing orders to make sure everything goes out. Thank you for being so patient with us.

Update: November 16th...
We are happy to say Nokie is now walking with his canes or cane for short distances. Nokie has been discharged from the hospital and is now in a hotel in Akasaka awaiting for a flight back home.

We will stay in a hotel for a few days to make sure he is OK to make the long flight home. He was very tired after being released from the hospital as he went out to dinner after having checked into the hotel. It took a lot out of him. I went to the store across the way and got some things for breakfast. Tomoko came and brought us lunch so we had a nice visit with Tomoko in our room. Tonight for dinner in our room, Mr. Toda took me to a nice store just 3 minutes walk from our hotel that had great produce and fruit and some great American style deli-type food set up. So Nokie is getting plenty of rest before leaving. We are trying to take very good care before our trip home. Although, after eating 7/11 and grocery store take out for two months, I really need to get some Shabu Shabu (Oishi) before I go home, it is a Japan tradition for me. Maybe I can sneak some in for lunch or dinner before we go home.

It will take a lot of steady exercise watching his pills and fluid intake. His has to stay on top of his diet with the diabetes now. All of this is under control at this time. His pacemaker and defib is doing good and he has proper blood flow to his heart. We hope for Nokie's walking to improve everyday. Also the strength in his arms and hands needs some time. All in all, I am getting my baby back.

I am posting some pictures of Nokie's improvements and saying goodbye at the hospital. They were very gracious at Saiseikai Central Hospital... Doctors Hasegawa, Murakami, Higuchi and Endo, and Nokie's wonderful nursing staff. We were very well taken care of and very well accepted from the director of the hospital, Mr. Rempei Oyama, MD PhD and senior consultant who looked in on us often. Nokie and I would recommend this hospital to anyone while in Japan.

This hospital experience was quite like no other we have ever experienced in the US. I feel that the USA medical system could take some lessons on "during and after care" for their patients. I'm not saying that we do not have great doctors, because we in the USA have some of the best doctors in the world. It is our system that is hurting badly. In this department we have lost respect for the patient, we are mostly treated like a "get 'um in and get 'um out" program. Our doctors are so loaded down there is mass confusion for the patients. Our cost of medical care has gone through the roof. We have also forgot how to treat our elderly, they should receive the same treatment and as fast as you would treat someone young... No matter what age and what medical condition. We should all be given a full physical every year... One day in the hospital for a full check up. Not just temperature, blood pressure, cough, a couple blood tests, and if you are lucky, a urine sample... More of us need to wake up our American Medical System. If we can give free medical to all the illegals and welfare, than we need to be able to take care of ALL the working men and women and our Seniors first. Boy, you sure can tell I had two months in a foreign hospital. Good thing it wasn't three months, this message could have been three pages long! It's not about that we still owe so much after paying Sendi Hospital, being at two hospitals, two ICU units, rehabilitation twice, and in a hospital room that accompanied me along with Nokie. This last hospital is partly paid and this is our bill with no foreign medical insurance... A huge lesson for all Americans... Do not travel (work or no work) with out medical insurance. I am very sorry if I have offended anyone with our personal feelings, but I guess when you have first-hand experience like Nokie and I have had, you wake up even more to what is going on around you in the world.

Some photo's for your viewing enjoyment. You will get a kick out of Nokie working with his rehabilitation doctor. He heads out the door ahead of him with one cane as you can see in the pictures the therapist is following him with Nokie's second cane. Also in the hall walking, the therapist still has one of his canes in his hand and Nokie is walking proud. Again at the bed side, he is showing off headed back to his bed with no canes. Also leaving the hospital we gathered as Nokie got out of his wheel chair to take some photos of our friends, Mr. Yarimizu, and Tomoko and the Ventures with Nokie... Tohoku and Sendi area local Ventures tribute band members. Some great fun with everyone before leaving the hospital.

After I am home, I will do a recap of our stay in Japan from Tohoku Sendi University Hospital to Tokyo Saiesakai Central Hospital. We would also like to thank all the family, friends and fan family around the world for donating to our charity fund at which was set up to help us with the huge bills we still have left to pay from the two months of surgeries, ICU, ICCU and rehabilitation while in Japan during his two heart failures. We have a long goal to reach. For those of you waiting to donate to a PayPal account, we are trying to set up a donation button shortly. We hope by Monday this button will be set up. Feel free to donate to the GoFundMe account if you are able. All proceeds will go into the same account to pay for Nokie's Hospital bills and medical care program.

God Bless you all... Nokie and I thank you for every donation sent. We know these are trying times and appreciate your help. Nokie & Judy

Update: November 10th...
I know you have all been waiting for this. Sorry for the delay, I have been very busy and very exhausted. It's a long one...

Nokie went into surgery on last Friday Nov. 9th. GREAT SUCCESS when doctor Ayaka Endo walk out of surgery with a big smile on her face, I knew it was a successful surgery. A little hard waiting when the time went into overtime again. Yet a little hard sitting all alone waiting to find out the news. I know Nokie is a strong man and the good Lord has his hands on him. With all the prayers around the world it was going to be a successful surgery. I feel like I am not giving enough faith in his doctors in that I worry. I guess it is just my nature to worry about my man even when I know he has such great prayers and great doctors and I know the Lord is there with him. Nokie is so lucky to have his four doctors looking out over him and a great nursing staff and rehabilitation staff to follow up with his treatment and medication that we are very blessed there to.

Akabane-Bash1 Saiseikai-Chu-O-Hospital has been so gracious to also allow me to stay here in Nokie's room as this is not normally done at this hospital in Tokyo. At Sendi Hospital they allow the family members to stay and even have a special floor that caters to this. This was easy there. But Saiseikai doesn't allow this. So I have to make a special thank you to the hospital for allowing me to stay with Nokie by his side to help take care of him and also what we had been through with his heart failure I did not want to leave his side.

Many of you have asked what all Nokie has had done since we have arrived in Tokyo Saiseikai Hospital after the second heart failure. Nokie has received a new four lead pacemaker with a defibrillator attached to it. He was watched very closely with the proper medication along with rehabilitation and diet for his diabetes to help get him stronger so he could have a possible bypass and or valve replacement. When they felt Nokie was strong enough, they went in to do a anagram to view the heart and put a pressure wire to the arteries. This was to make sure this could fix some of the problems so he could fly home safe to make decisions on an open heart surgery. With many prayers on our side... When the doctors went in to check with the pressure wire device, they found out that they could fix this problem by putting three stints in and found out he will NOT need a Bypass or a Valve Replacement! The good Lord has shined on Nokie once again.

He will have to continue to have his Pacemaker and Defibrillator checked every 6 months to one year and keep his diet and medication on track, also needing to continue with exercise to get stronger. This will take some more work when we get home. So I will have to try hard to keep him on track. We have some more work here to do with Nokie getting stronger to be able to travel. With the last two days back in bed and going through another surgery we are not starting from scratch. but his muscles in his legs are weak again. Also the sedation from the surgery has slowed him down some. Please keep the prayers coming his way and we hope to be home soon. By the way, once again we would like to give a big thank you to Nokie's doctors Ayaka Endo, Dr. Hasegawa, Dr. Higuchi, Dr. Murakami all of you your work was excellent in both surgeries. We could have not asked for better results. We would recommend you as doctors and your hospital (Saiseikai Hospital) to anyone in need of medical attention. God Bless

For the fans waiting for long lost orders, my sister Linda is once again going to be able to help us out by filling all the outstanding orders. Many fans may remember Linda from her help in the office when we lived in Oregon. Thank you for being patient with me in regards to NEFC orders. The shipping will start the middle of next week.

We are also very sorry to let you know the young man that many of our fan family and FB friends have been praying for Micah J. Bialy has lost his battle with his cancer. He made his peace with the Lord. He is a big believer in the Lord. He just turned fourteen years old in October and has gone to heaven with no more pain to endure. He passed on Nov. 9th. Micah family... Our warm thoughts and prayers go out to each one of you. To the entire family of Micah.... Love to you all, Nokie & Judy

Update: November 6th...
Nokie will go through another surgery they have him scheduled for Friday Morning. He will need some stints done. They are going to make a safer trip back for Nokie and do his stints here before he leaves Japan. He has great doctors working with him and a wonderful staff. He is in the 30% to 40% range now with his heart 50 to 60% would be better, but he has gained a lot of ground from 20 to 30%. The doctors are really happy with his progress and so is Nokie and I. Nokie is feeling stronger every day. Your prayers have been very powerful. Keep those prayers coming. God Bless, we love you all. Nokie & Judy

Update: November 2nd...
It has been a long week. Warm thoughts and love with a whole lot of prayers for everyone on the East Coast. Thank you.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween parties and hope everyone paid attention to scary children, grandchildren and neighbors. That is always so much fun!

Nokie is moving forward with rehabilitation. Doing good and getting stronger everyday. As he becomes stronger, they are keeping close watch on his vitals so they can evaluate his heart problems.

Nokie has very good doctors. Nokie and I both have a lot of faith in his doctors. We will keep you up dated as we move forward. In the meantime here are some more pictures. I have also been having some fun posting some archive pictures on our "Judy Edwards Facebook" page. Thought I would post some this weekend for those of you who are not on the FB page. Hope you enjoy at look at our past. Please put the people of the east coast on your prayer list. Love... Judy

Update: October 27th...
Nokie once again had a great day with his rehabilitation. He is getting a little stronger everyday. He walked a little further today. His blood pressure and his blood sugar are now staying in good ranges. Although he is only walking a very short distance, he is not tired after walking. That's still doing good for what he has been through. I would like to thank Mr. Tomiyama, Hideaki, Yasu and Jun from M&I for paying a special visit to Nokie and I. Also to Yoshi stopping by and it was his birthday, he is my old Japanese brother. There is a special picture of Yoshi and Toda with Nokie on Yoshi's birthday.

All our best to each and everyone of you. We would like to thank all our Japan Fan Family for helping to support us in our time of need. Your love and support here has been overwhelming. All the prayers coming from all over the world have been so strong. We both know that God is also watching over us and He did make Himself present in both our lives.... Judy

Update: October 26th...
YAHOOOOO! Nokie did great at rehabilitation today. Walking further, an increase on exercise, eating more and his blood sugar levels are way down. All good signs.

The doctors are all real happy about his progress. His surgery went real well. He has made the improvements that they hoped for. As for now, their number one goal is to get Nokie strong enough to make the trip home. They are checking for any other problems that he might have and so far he is passing with flying colors. He has some pain on his left side in the surgery area,  but this is expected in this type of implant of this size pacemaker and defibrillator, plus it being a little harder to get this in. Remember the surgery took a few hours longer than expected. Some fans were worried when they got word from people that Nokie was having pain. Please don't worry, he is fine and it is normal to have some pain in this area.

We will still remain near the hospital in Tokyo to make sure he is ready to make the trip. Keep praying for a strong recovery. I will keep you all posted in the mean time here are some more pictures. Also a thank you to nurses and staff around the hospital. I will load some more pictures Saturday or Sunday for you. Love to you all... Judy

Update: October 21st...
Nokie starts rehabilitation in the morning on our Monday. Dr. Ayara Endo, Dr. Hasegawa, Dr. Higuchi and Dr. Murakami are performing the life saving steps so this doesn't happen to Nokie again. Dr. Murakami and Dr. Higuchi and the staff of nurses will be continuing with rehabilitation and other medication to help Nokie along with recovery. Nokie as you all know is a strong man and of course a superior guitar player. He said to tell y'all, "I'LL BE BACK"! We have had a mountain to climb and we are getting half way there. So I hope to give you updates on a regular basis during his rehabilitation. Please don't expect this to happen overnight. We are told it will be "baby steps" again. Just keep the prayers coming his way. We love you all and thank you so much for all of your support. we miss you all and hope to be home soon.

I did not have the young man's name that assisted me when Nokie stopped breathing in the hotel room the second time. This was at Hotel Avanshell Akasaka. I would like to thank him from both Nokie and I. There are not words big enough for me to show my gratitude to Masaomi Kojima and the staff at Hotel Avanshell. I am posting more pictures for your viewing... Nokie is on his way to surgery with Yoshi and I following close behind. Dr. Endo and some of the hospital staff at Saiseikai Central Hospital and also pictures of Nokie in his new room with friends. Thank you Tatsuyoshi and Noriko Narita and Akia for all your help..... Judy

Update: October 19th...
Nokie is out of surgery just after 11 PM tonight. Longer than expected, but it went great. He was in good spirits all day and then 3 PM rolled around and he showed me signs he was ready to go and get his problem fixed. He knew he was in good hands with Dr. Endo and the team of doctors (which I will give all their names with tomorrow's updates). They had a couple prior emergencies so they got a little later start at 4 PM. Mr. Yoshi Okaya met us in Nokie's room and went down with us to wait outside the surgery room. Mr. Akio Nonaka met us later downstairs outside the surgery room as well.

Knowing the surgery was going to take at least 3 hours or a little more, I went for coffee and a snack in the hospital before going to the waiting room. Earlier I spoke to Mrs. Kayama to let her and her husband know what hospital Nokie was in and what had happened to Nokie. It was so good to hear her voice. She immediately called with her warm wishes and prayers for Nokie and to let her husband know what was happening. Mr. Kayama, knowing one of his very good friends was the head of staff of this hospital, Senior Consultant Mr. Rempei Oyama, MD, PhD, of Saiseikai Central Hospital, called to check on Nokie. Also their daughter went to school with Nokie's attending Doctor, Mrs. Endo. What a small world we really do live in.

Mr. Rempei Oyama came and found me to assure me they were taking very good care of Nokie and that he had stepped into the surgery room to check on him and the surgery was going well. It was a pleasure to know Nokie was in such good hands and everyone was praying and helping him to get through his surgery. As I said earlier, the surgery was very long. It took seven hours and when I got to see him back in his room, it was after 11 PM. He was resting still sedated. Everything went as planned... They replaced his pacemaker with a defibrillator attached to help his heart when needed and added two more leads for the pacemaker making it four leads now. This will protect him from having another heart failure. He has a lot of rehabilitation to do and it will be another 10 day to two weeks. He will still need to get the strength back in his legs and be able to walk on his own. This will come with time. As you all know this did not affect his playing as you seen in the pictures posted. He was talking about doing some shows and where he would like to play before he left for surgery today. So you can bet he will be back playing in no time at all. He is a strong man, but I have never seen music work as fast on anyone in my lifetime as I have for Nokie. Put a guitar in his hands and he will bounce back every time. Thank you Tohoku University Hospital, Sendi and Saiseikai Central Hospital and your staff of excellent doctors and for all the prayers and God laying his hands on my husband once again. God has always been there for us, together with all the strong prayers from our family and fan family around the world... We love you!

A huge hug with lots of love to Mr. & Mrs. Yuzo Kayama and their family for all your prayers and help tonight. God Bless you all. Please watch for more updates when Nokie is moved from EICU. Keep those strong prayers coming, we have a ways to go. Love, Judy

Update: October 17th...
They have moved the pacemaker surgery up for tomorrow around 3 or 4 pm our time. It should take a little over 3 hours. I will update really late tomorrow. Being I will be at the hospital most of the night, please put some heavy praying on your list for Nokie tomorrow. I know God will be with Nokie and Dr. Mukakami and her staff in the surgery room. He has brought Nokie far with all the prayers and great staff of doctors here in Japan.

I am sending some more pictures to all our family and fan family to see Nokie leaving Sendi and moving on to Tokyo. Also checking the new HitchHiker 0077 out from his bed at the University Hospital in Sendi with Toda. Also, when Tomoko arrived to see the first US made HitchHikerTM guitar, she fell in love with it. I think she will be playing one soon.

Love to everyone back home and here in Japan. Thank you from my heart for all your support. Love, Judy-san

Nokie collapsed (10/16) again needing CPR and then started breathing about 2 minutes before the fire department rescue team came. Tokyo fire department and paramedics continued to take care of Nokie until moving him to the Tokyo Hospital. He is resting now in the ICU at a Tokyo Hospital. They will be installing a new pacemaker and a defibrillator in as soon as possible. I will give more updates soon as I can. Please continue to keep our prayer chain strong. I would like to thank the entire staff at the hotel for calling the fire department and paramedics as fast as they could. Especially for the young man at the front desk that came to my side in my room to help me while I was performing CPR.  Please keep your prayers strong.  Love, Judy

Update: October 10th...
Good news! Looks like we will be leaving the hospital on Friday (10/12) if all goes well with rehabilitation. Nokie has been doing real good, he has a great therapist that has been working with him daily. Plus, he has to do his exercises twice more a day on his own. We will be moving to Tokyo on Friday and spend a couple days there for Nokie to get a little stronger. Than on our way home.

We are so grateful to Nokie's doctors... Dr. Takahashi and his staff at Tohoku Hospital. The nurses have all been wonderful with Nokie and I. I have a few more pictures and will send more tomorrow night. Thank you Mikiko and Junko for coming and doing massage on me. I have done so much better the last couple days. They are a double power of massage on Nokie which really helped him feel so much better last night. Also wanting the thank Hideniko and Junko Abe for their on-going support and being here almost everyday. A couple pictures of V-Gold Ventures. Also a big thank you to our Coca-Cola man from Sendi... Beautiful flowers they arrived yesterday. Thank you to our Monday day nurse for helping us to get Nokie to smile big! Tommy Emmanuel, thank you for the email, wish we all would have been closer. Osaka was a little too far from Sendi this time. We will be catching you at CAAS I hope in July. You take care Tommy, if you read this, have a great tour. Thank you for checking in on the "Big Indian". Once again our love goes out to all praying and sending messages to my honey in arms, he will be back playing great music for you in no time at all. Watch for pictures of Nokie and Toda checking out a new HitchHIker Guitar that just arrived from the states. Yes, he did his check in Sendi Japan right from his hospital bed... Looks beautiful, a diamond in the rough. Boys and girls, the USA HitchHiker Custom Shop is now open for business!

And last, but not least... Yes OK, one of those pictures is a cheat, it's from three years ago in Scottsdale AZ. Thanks to our friends Mr. and Mrs. Garvin and our friends at the Buffalo Chip for the prayers and keeping track of Nokie's progress. We hope to come over to Cave Creek and see you soon. Pick us a song this weekend. Love to you all... Judy

Update: October 7th...
Nokie is improving everyday. We went for a stroll on the 1st floor. He has gotten out of bed for two days now. He has been doing his exercise daily. With him moving about, this should help to strengthen his leg muscles. On Tuesday he will have an x-ray of his hip to see what is going on with all the pain in his hip. On Wednesday another heart test. We should have a lot more news on Thursday. He is still building up his muscles to be able to stand alone and maybe walk alone a little. Here are a few pictures to cheer you all up and to be able to see with your own eyes that he is doing better.

We have so many people to thank. So I would like to start my list tonight. I will add to this as we go along as you know my Japanese is not so good... So this will take me another week to round up all the names... The fire department and paramedics at the Yamagada area that picked Nokie up at the hotel to transport him to the Yamagada hospital.... Doctors there took care of Nokie to stabilize him even further so he could be moved to Tohoku Sendi Hospital.... The ICU doctors and nurses took over. It is then that Dr. Takahashi took over with Nokie to give him this great care with his great staff... Some of the best doctors and nurses that I have seen in the world. His rehabilitation has been moving along slowly, but this is what they want, for it is best for him. He will start getting stronger when he is ready to move a little faster.

I will be getting all the names of the paramedics and fire department that saved Nokie's life. Of course we all know who Kerry Marx is. If it weren't for him performing CPR on Nokie to keep him breathing until the fire department arrived, Nokie may have left us... Mr. Hirofumi Tsukamoto was with Nokie all the way to Yamagata hospital and helped to transport him to the Sendi area. His father came today to visit Nokie. Mr. Hisashi Tsukamoto thank you for all the rolls and cookies, plus the fresh peanut butter cream... Yummmmm! Mr. & Mrs. Abe have been here with us almost every other day to help us in any way they can. Their help has been a blessing. They brought me many things I needed to try to set up a little house in the room that I am staying in with Nokie at the hospital. Also their friends Mr. & Mrs. Jun Onodera have been been a great help too. Also they speak a little English which has helped us all. Mr. Taiichi Ko-Nosu and Mr. Matsuda has been wonderful with all their help. Mr. Tomiyama has been right there for us. All of the Nokie Japan Fan Family and Mr. Toda, we would not have been able to make it without you and right-hand lady Fumie, she has been a huge help to us all.

I would like to thank Tomoko and Kerry and the rest of the bands for carrying on the shows and performing. We pray in Nokie's name for a quick recovery.

Toda's help has been God's Blessing. Both Nokie and I thank you all so much. I know I have missed names because I do not have everyone's name written down, but we love and thank you all. I am sure I will be writing one of these letters again soon. All pray for this week to go as good as this last week. Love... Judy

Update: October 5th...
Nokie has made some great leaps and bounds. Also, starting his therapy has helped a lot. Now that he is feeling better, he is getting spunky. If he will just make sure to listen to the doctor is another thing. He is wanting to head home and I feel the same way, but strength and health needs to be the priority. If only I can get him to follow through with this!

Although Dr. Takahashi is one tuff cookie, he is not going to let Nokie get on an airplane without making sure he is strong enough to fly. Nokie needs to be able to stand and walk on his own. This is the goal for the doctor. Also I believe they have one more test to complete on Nokie. Let's all keep praying to keep my hard-headed Indian on the right track. I will try to get a couple of pictures this weekend for you. So keep an eye on this web site.

One last thing I think y'all will get a kick out of... It is really something special for Mark & Carol Pritcher. Guess who's music Nokie was listening to when they moved him to CCU... Chet Atkins' music from the early years. Tsutomu Negami and Akio Nonaka brought it to the hospital. They said Nokie would like to listen to this. When I found out what it was, it floored me. I could tell it was good because they put the ear buds in Nokie's ears and instantly Nokie started smiling! It is the kind of thing that brings tears to your eyes.

Once again thank you to the nursing staff and the doctors taking care of Nokie. You are doing a beautiful job. If something like this was going to happen, it is a good thing it happened here. Even across Japan the Japanese Fan Family are telling me this is the best cardiovascular hospital that Nokie could be at. I would recommend Tohoku Sendi Hospital to anyone around the world. Keep the prayers coming.... Love, Nokie & Judy

Update: October 1st...
Dr. Jun Takahashi said Nokie's test went very good today. They are going to do one more test on his heart in the next day or so. Let's all keep the Prayer chain going for the "Nokster".

If all is good, the doctor should be moving him to another room in the next day or two. He is eating better and had some humor flowing today. Toda, Yoshi and friends were here today waiting with me for the test results. Kerry flew in from Sapporo to visit on his way to Tokyo. It was great to see another happy face. Nokie even had a few humorous comments for Kerry and so did Kerry for Nokie. Even though he is very tired tonight from the test he had today, he is eating better and with his humor back you should all know he is on the road to recovery. We are all so happy with the test results we would have cheered with some Saki if we could have.... Judy

Update: Sunday Sept. 30th... BIG News...
Nokie has agreed to let the doctor look at his heart. It has been a long haul, a lot of talking and of course praying. We had a long meeting last night with the doctor. I had a translator with me and Toda was there, we talked a long time about all of his health problems. Nokie has the wrong kind of pacemaker for his heart problems. He also needs a third lead.

He trusts this doctor very much, so we took the question to him with the translator with us. The doctor explained what he was going to do and said there are some risks so he had to make sure Nokie understood. Nokie signed the paper and we now move forward. The procedure is scheduled for Monday at 9 AM Japan time. I won't know anything else until Monday afternoon.... Judy

Update: Saturday Afternoon Sept. 29th...
Nokie is eating more. They are now letting me bring him things he favors to eat more than the hospital food. They have taken almost all the IV's off of him now. He is still wanting to get out of bed, but this is going to have to wait until he is stronger. His legs are very weak. After the meeting with the doctors this evening, we will know more about rehabilitation. I hope Nokie will be moved to another room so that I can spend more time with him. Maybe we can get a good card game going. If I can get that guitar in his hands, I know this will help. Right now he says he wants to wait. They brought a electric guitar to the hospital. I will see about getting an acoustic one here. It might be a little easier for him to handle right now. Maybe one of the Voyage Air guitars like I sell it would be easier to fold up and sit in the corner of his room. He has a good view of the mountains and some trees so maybe this will inspire him to write a song.

Thank you again for your prayers. Don't stop now, we have him on a roll to recovery. The doctors and nurses are taking excellent care of him. Love, Judy

Update: Thursday Sept. 27th...
Nokie is doing so much better. Dr. Jun Takahashi and Dr. Yoshitaka ITO are giving Nokie excellent care. Plus, the hole staff at Sendi Hospital have taken great care of Nokie.

They took one more IV off today. So I think he is down to five. He's still not liking the food because it's still blended. Not too many ways you can blend tuna and seaweed! He doesn't care for blended rice neither. He should be out of CCU soon. We hope in two or three days. Nokie is still wanting to play his guitar and still asking for plenty of ice water. Although I think he has finally realized why the doctors don't want him to drink as much ice water. 

Hey I think I have a new song title, "That Stubborn Little Indian"! Maybe there's a new song to write. Bresh you and Lisa get on it. You are both great writers and when you write together there is double trouble.

Keep the prayer chain strong. We have a little ways to go so don't let us down. I will keep you all updated as much as I can. Love, Judy

Tonight's Update...
Nokie is in a little better spirits tonight, but he was not too happy when they said he could try to eat a little.... They gave him a tray full of blended food. He maybe had two things on the plate. I don't blame him, pretty bad! We did get a good laugh out of the blended tuna. Yuk!

Nokie will still be a little sedated for another couple days. They have to bring him off sedation more slowly. He only has five IV's now, which should go down to one or two IV's tomorrow if the night goes well. They have to keep close watch on his heart still, but he is showing them how strong he is.

You know he is getting stronger when he continues to try to figure out how to get more ice water out of the nurses. The doctors have him on a limit of water. Nokie loves his ice water. They had him on 500 cc's the first day with no tube. Now he is up to 1000 cc's. It is kind of funny watching him try to talk them into it. They are very stubborn and won't give in. Glad they are dealing with it. If everything goes well, they will move him to a regular room in 2 or 3 days.

Love to everyone and thank you so much for all your prayers. Keep on praying, there is nothing like the power of prayer. I would also like to give a big thank you to "Breshman", Bob Sickler, Mr. Tomiyama, Kenji Toda, Underground Fire (UF2), Walt Staggner and everyone else that is helping to keep the prayers coming and the fan family posted with updates, Nokie and I both thank you all. Judy

Just got back from Hospital...
Nokie was singing me a song "Happy Days Are Here Again". They are moving him to the heart ward tomorrow. He can now drink more water and is trying eat a little. He would have been doing a dance, but they still won't let him get out of bed! The doctor said all x-rays of the heart and lungs look real good and clear.

Doctors have also been successful in removing all of the excess fluid in his body. He is still sedated a little and they will slowly take him off the sedatives. It will take about four days more. He will be in CCU - ICU for two days and than move to a regular room to be watched for another 5 days. Than he may be able to go home and not have to go to a Tokyo hospital. The doctor said he is making a quick great recovery. He is a strong man.

Tomorrow is another day, my hours will change for visiting less time in CCU and only twice a day. So I will have time to do some laundry and get a little more sleep. Hope to bring him home soon.

All my best to y'all with a lot of love for all your prayers for my love Nokie... Judy

Today Is a Better Day...
Nokie is now awake and off breathing aids and doing better. The doctors are still being very cautious during this recovery phase, however, your prayers and well wishes are working! I have asked our webmaster to create a new page on the web site titled "FANS" so that Nokie can see all the love pouring in for him from our fan club family. Thank you so much.... Judy Edwards

Dear Fan Club Family and Friends...
Nokie is resting and doing well. He did not have a heart attack. He has a very bad case of congestive heart failure and he has a problem with his pacemaker not wired correctly. He needs another lead for it... He has two and needs a third added. He is getting stronger every day. I will have updates for you as soon as I can. As soon as he is more stabilized, we will be moving him to a Tokyo hospital.

Thank you for all the support and prayers. I do not have internet connection all the time and spend most of my days coming and going to the hospital where Nokie is in Japan. We thank you for all your personal emails. I ask that you please hold off on your emails for now, our account is becoming overloaded. We do cherish every one of your emails.

Please check the web site for true updates on Nokie's condition. I do not have time to email everyone back. Best wishes to you all and keep praying for Nokie to recover strong and quick so I can bring him home to you.

For those of you that have placed merchandise orders on this web site and have not received them... We thank you for your order and I promise I will take care of your order when I am able. I'm sorry for your delay. Your orders will be mailed when I return from Japan.

Judy Edwards
September 23, 2012




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